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What to bring to a


This is an Immersion Training that will change your life and enhance your business.

Come prepared as the Program will not slow down for the unprepared.

Please understand you will have virtually no time for phone calls or distractions of any kind....This is a very intense Immersion training.

Pack healthy snacks for two days (unsalted almonds, Goji Berries, Dried Fruit, Fresh Fruit--you get the idea).  Eat to sustain your energy, focus and assimilation of powerful new skill sets.

Come rested....come rested....come rested...come rested

All administrative or logistical questions prior to an event should be addressed to: maureen@starmarketingsystems.com or tim@starmarketingsystems.com


Optional Items:

--Pack at least one outfit that you would wear when you speak professionally which you will use for pictures. 

--One pocket-size digital camera which captures videos at 30 fps (30 frames per second)

--Two 4GB SD (secure digital) memory cards for your camera


A Superb Attitude


Buy the Master Pass and go for free whenever it's offered....
by Joel Bauer, Tim and Maureen or future licensees.
The Master Pass includes all templates for websites, branding, Facebook,
You-in-a-Box and more.  Study at your own
pace CDs.  Financing available





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