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     This system  will enable you to PRESENT yourself in a way that is unforgettable, PERSUADE those who would have ignored you, and  PRESERVE these relationships long-term, making you as the only logical choice. You will learn how to:

§  How you can arouse child-like curiosity at your very first point of contact, where a stranger is hanging on your every word and move you make.

§  Anyone can learn to persuade with impact regardless of their appearance, education or personality. A Transformation Mechanism they simply hand out, which often generates a 25% or more income increase.

§  The one zero-cost transformation you can put into action that will enable you to establish instant credibility, often receiving free upgrades to first-class air travel, suites in hotels at standard rates, and often the best table in the house. You will learn how to “Dress for Maximum Impact”.

§  The power of scripting with precision, exactly what to do in an emotionally engaging manner. In this Unique Positioning Statement technique will be revealed with detail.



Buy the Master Pass and go for free whenever it's offered....
by Joel Bauer, Tim and Maureen or future licensees.
The Master Pass includes all templates for websites, branding, Facebook,
You-in-a-Box and more.  Study at your own
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