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Maureen & Tim

first met Joel in 2009 while Maureen was still rehabilitating from a massive stroke in 2008.  Joel's Passion2Profit so inspired them that they went further, bit the financial bullet, and took his speaker's training and were hooked.  Both had been through numerous training programs from Tony Robbins to Dave Lindahl.  While they all had benefits, no one had come close to Joel's inspiring program.  So much so, they became Joel's first licensees of his Passion2Profit system. 



Tim -- Tim has spent his life developing businesses and selling them.  He has been (in no particular order): a business consultant, a stock broker, a real estate broker and developer, a bar and nightclub owner, owner of a landscape business, worked on a fishing boat, worked on the pipeline in Alaska and as a short order cook.

Maureen ---Has been in the herb industry since 1986.  She is the creator of HerbNet.com, HerbWorld.com a site for herb businesses, and Herbalpedia, an extensive encyclopedia of herbs. She's had an herb store, developed a wholesale fragrance line of herbal products.  She was business manager for an herb and flower grower and a Certified Massage Therapist.  She speaks nationally on herbs and the business of herbs.  She is a site host and developer for web sites especially herbal ones.  And if she's ever desperate, she keeps her license as a Certified Public Accountant.

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