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What should you expect at Passion to Profit?

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Wealth Building System


Tim & Maureen


Joel Bauer passing the baton to Maureen Rogers and Tim


Why attend Passion2Profit and what is it?

Want to be on our list and receive our free micro trainings?





Joel passing the baton on teaching the Passion 2 Profit system



The Importance of Systems
We always use systems because systems allow you to make choices that work over and over again.  Our methods are based on systems.  Systems that work every single time.  Based upon absolute fact,  We do not teach anything that is chancy or based on guess-work.

How to Create your system.
We teach the importance of why you need your own system as well as every component of your system.  If you have specialized knowledge in some area, then you have everything you need to create your own system. 

How to Market Your System On and Off Line

How to Answer the All Important Question: "What Do You Do?"

Differentiation Techniques
Learn how to set yourself and your business apart from the competition, framing what you do in a way to attract more business, making you and your business the only logical solution.

How to present yourself in a way so that you are unforgettable

The Principle of Social Proof
Learn the principle of social proof and why you absolutely need testimonials.  This technique alone has the ability to dramatically increase your income. 

The Basics of Graphics for Presentations


Joel Bauer speaks to Tim and Maureen
about why they're the perfect choice to do Passion 2 Profit training

This is only a fraction of what you will learn and the transformation that will occur at this 2-day event

You can improve your business and your personal success with the skills you learn at this transformational event in as little as two weeks.  (Less than that if you take action fast.)




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